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About Nakajima CO., LTD

Company Name Nakajima CO., LTD
Establishment October 1945
Incorporation of enterprise October 1951
Capital 10 million yen
Settlement period September 30
Our Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd .
Sale destination Nationwide each prefecture dealer than 400 companies
Major suppliers Fuso Chemical, Tokuyama, Maruzen Chemicals, Nippon Seisen, Tomita Pharmaceutical, Higashimaru Shoyu, Mutsumi Chemical Industry, 3M JAPAN, Umai Chemical, Osaka Gas, Toshiba, Miura Samson (In random order)
Company history

During the war, after the war, magnesium chloride was bought up by military, so it swicthed tofu coagulant from magnesium chloride to plaster of worn-out. Then, more secure and more stable calcium sulfate was sought. We partnered with Edogawa Industries Co., Ltd. (currently Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation), and succeeded in the development of the first chemical plaster in Japan, it was manufactured and sold as "Sumashiko" from about 1940. We got off the start as a corporation in October 1951.
Then, We focused on product development that meet in each era, and continued to develop food additives, food materials, and machines or the like. We have many compounding agents in combination by taking advantage of the respective features of the calcium sulfate, magnesium chloride, gluconolactone and others. Also "High-Grade" series as paste-like essences that stuck to natural materials is popular. For example, "Citron", "Beefsteak plant", and "Kelp."
Currently, these products are delivered across the country. We will strive to help of further development of tofu or other industry.